Polyurethane mouldings

From the initial design to the end product

CSP Mould is at the forefront in the production of aluminium injection mouldings for polyurethane. Our company has been involved in this field since 2001, making maximum use of our state of the art machining plant which enables us to supply high quality products professionally and efficiently to our clientele.
Our expertise is particularly useful for companies who require tailor-made and customised solutions in the production of their products.
In order to fabricate the aluminium injection moulds for polyurethane, we entrust the designs to our in-house experts or, we rely on the materials that have been provided to us directly by the customer. Our final objective is always to ensure production that is in accordance with the expectations of the client.

Polyurethane moulding is amongst the most widespread of production activities because it uses a low-cost technology which facilitates detailed creations even in very large sizes. CSP Mould is particularly well geared towards servicing companies in the automotive, mechanical engineering and earth-moving industries as the unrestricted production range and our expertise enable us to satisfy the requirements of all our customers in these sectors.
Expanding polyurethane is a thermosetting reticular polymer from which it is possible to obtain many different types of foam: rigid expanded polyurethane, semi-rigid expanded polyurethane, rigid / structural expanded polyurethane, compact expanded polyurethane and flexible / self-filling expanded polyurethane.

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