Aluminium moulds

From the initial design to the end product

CSP Mould is one of the top companies when it comes to the production and supply of aluminium injection moulds. We are proud of our long experience in the sector and our employees have always been distinguished by the quality of their work and for the precise attention paid to every detail in the production of high quality items. Our skill set is particularly applicable for those companies in the mechanical and industrial sectors who require bespoke solutions of made to measure items for their own production activities. The aluminium injection moulds that are manufactured by CSP Mould can guarantee the customer a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • Fast production times
  • The production cycles within your own company will be much faster.
  • One of the major features of aluminium injection moulds is that the costs are cheaper in comparison to steel
  • Excellent quality with significant and appreciable thermal and resistance properties which are ideal for the fabrication of any type of item.

Aluminium injection moulds will provide the best possible assistance for the production lines in your company.

In recent years, the techniques involved in the production of aluminium injection moulds have become more widespread with technology that facilitates the mass production of a wide range of different items. Aluminium moulds are absolutely vital for the whole process: it is from here that the entire production process begins. Aluminium, due to its inherent properties and because it offers lower costs than steel, is more frequently the material of choice due to the fact that its production cycles are faster which thus contributes to shorter production times over all.

Our main objective is to continually improve the design and production methods for our moulds so that we are able to satisfy every and any request we might receive from our customers. The companies with whom we collaborate, use simulation software and advanced programmes in order to better understand the precise details of the articles that are to be manufactured through thermoplastic moulding. These sophisticated tools assist in the optimisation of the thermoplastic mouldings so that we are able to supply our customers with a well finished and perfectly tailor-made product.

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